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US urged to let pestered Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in


US is urged to take in stranded Pakistani Christians eyeing for asylum in Thailand. According to some rough estimated about 10,000 Pakistanis have landed into Bnngkok- majority of these are living underground in some of the shoddier neighborhoods of Bangkok.

Pakistani Christians seeking justice

As the United Nations started verifying refugee status for the marooned Burmese in Thailand, Pakistanis also started pouring in Thailand. A large part of these Pakistanis were eyeing resettlement in West, however they did not get a nod from the UN. Currently, these Pakistani Christians have had to wait for years just for an interview with the UNHCR which is just the initial step to procuring official refugee status.

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In compliance with records, none of these Pakistani Christians have been able to move forward from Thailand to America, which was their dream destination when they had fled Pakistan. Seeing the gravity of the matter, a Christian advocacy group Christian Freedom International which is also lending a helping hand to the destitute Pakistani Christians who without the assistance of the UN are rendered in a high and dry situation.

Christian Freedom International President Jim Jacobson is of the opinion that the only viable solution for this brewing humanitarian crisis is that the U.S. should start admitting refugees not only on need basis but those who “who share Americans’ values and are America’s friends in the fight against terrorism.”

The group further noted that the religious minorities are at paramount risk as they face religion based persecution and death. Pakistani Christians are frequently targeted by the draconian blasphemy laws, oftentimes the outcome of either financial or other personal disputes.

US State Department in its recent report noted that the notorious blasphemy law is being increasingly misused which is deeply troubling. Churches are destroyed; mobs threaten Christians who refuse to convert. At Easter terrorist outfit targeted a children’s park which was frequented by Christians, who were celebrating Easter- more than 70 people including Christians and Muslims were killed.