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US urged to open doors for wrecked Christian refugees from Syria


US urged to take in more Christians from Syria, who have been facing genocide at the hands of the terror group Islamic State. While speaking about the sufferings of Christians in Syria, US Senator Tom Cotton said, “Today, Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world.”

Syrian Christian refugees

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas said on the Senate floor disclosed a story of a Syrian Christian man and his son. He explained a horrific photograph aired by ISIS saying, “This boy was a Christian and standing above him were Islamic State terrorists holding knives. In the crowd was the boy’s father, a Christian minister,” he said.

“Methodically, the terrorists began cutting off the young boy’s fingers. Amidst his screams, they turned to the minister, his father. If he renounced his faith and in their terms ‘returned to Islam,’ the boy’s suffering would stop.” He went on to say that the shamming of the Christians was concluded when the terrorists had murdered both father and son. “They did so by crucifixion,” he told the Senate.

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“In the time of Christ,” Cotton said, “the cross was not just a means of execution but a brutal public warning to all. Because of Christ’s suffering, the cross was transformed into a revered symbol of His sacrifice and promise of salvation, but today it is clear ISIS seeks to turn the cross once again into a message of dread.”

Despite the fact that Secretary of State John Kerry had declared that Islamic State, “Daesh” was committing genocide of Christians, yet the United States has taken in, only a few Syrian Christians as refugees.

Senator Cotton further discussed the issue of scarceness of Christians among the Syrian refugees who had been admitted to the United States. “There are a number of factors. Perhaps chief among them is that the United States, for all intents and purposes, relies exclusively on the U.N. refugee agency to identify candidates for resettlement.”

“According to the State Department, less than 1 percent of the thousands of Syrian refugees referred by the U.N. to the United States are religious minorities,” he said while adding, “Let me stress, that his under representation is not the result of intentional discrimination.”

Moreover, the US lawmaker also proposed the “Religious Persecution Relief Act” to help put right this loop hole. According to this act, up to 10,000 Christians along with members of other religious minorities in Syria can be admitted to the United States as refugees each year for the coming next five years.