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US worried over repeated killings of Christians in Nigeria


The United States has again expressed worries and deep concerns over the repeated killings of Christians in Nigeria. In this regard, a US envoy would be visiting Nigeria, in order to meet with the Nigerian officials and discuss the situation of religious freedom in the country.

Persecution of Christians in Nigeria

On Tuesday, May 29 the Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom, Samuel Brownback, announced at a press briefing in Washington D.C. that he will travel to Nigeria to discuss the religious freedom situation with the Nigerian leaders. Followed by the conference, the International Religious Freedom Report was also released by the United States Commission for International Religious Freedom. Additionally the US government would be hosting in Washington DC between July 25 and 26. Foreign Ministers and the religious leaders from across the globe will be attending this event.

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Samuel Brownback stated that the US president had already voiced worries over the killings of Christians in Nigeria when he met with his Nigerian counterpart on April 30. “My plan is to travel to Nigeria next month to talk with leaders, government leaders, religious leaders, Christian and Muslim leaders, to talk about what we can do to move forward, to reduce the level of violence, to open the way for religious freedom taking place in that country,” he said.

“And I’ve been meeting with a number of different Nigerian leaders, and it’s been a very difficult – I met with three leaders, Christian leaders, last week. And they said to me they used to – Sunday used to be the day they hated to see coming the most, because that’s when most of the attacks would take place, would be on a Sunday, but that it had gotten better in recent times, and they were appreciative of that. But just much progress needs to take place for the government to secure the right of religious freedom”, he continued.

“And remember, our effort is for religious freedom for everybody, regardless of faith, or even if you’re a person without faith, but that you are free to do with your own conscience whatever you choose and that no government has the right to interfere with that. But the government has the right and the responsibility to protect that religious freedom right, and that’s what we’d be pushing with Nigeria”.