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USA: A lawyer who helped Christians from Syria to gain asylum in the US targeted by the government


Syrian refugees

Increased cases of the Obama administration targeting lawyers who are helping the persecuted Christians.

Robert DeKelaita, a well reputed Chicago attorney has gained asylum for thousands of persecuted Christian from Iraq, Syria and Egypt. His valuable service to the persecuted Christians has caught the attention of the Obama Justice Department. The Obama Justice Department is believed to be hostile towards the Middle Eastern Christians.

52-year-old, DeKelaita, grew up in Kirkuk which is in the heart of Assyria, northern Iraq. Assyria is home to one of the world’s most ancient Christian communities. It was in 1973 after Saddam Hussein gained control of the government that DeKelaita’s family emigrated to the U.S. and were settled in Chicago.

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DeKelaita who was only 11-years-old when his family left Iraq, as he grew and went on to study he became a reputed lawyer. He had an aim to help out and rescue the Christians of his native land from persecution.

Through his skills he has managed to reunite hundreds of Christian families in the U.S. However, after, such a high number of cases of asylum for Christians, the Obama administration took strong action against DeKelaita in September 2014.

The officials raided his office and gathered whatever “evidence” they could find against him. The administration indicted him on charges of falsifying the asylum applications of 12 clients over a 10-year period; allegedly fabricate “false claims” of religious persecution.

Since the, the government has tactically delayed his trial twice whereas it seeks to secure witnesses against him. In this regard, DeKelaita, said, “The way that some of our federal judges view the plight of Christians in Iraq and the way some of the adjudicators view them, you would honestly think ‘what is wrong with these people?'”

“Why can’t they see what the rest of the world sees?” He further told that one judge said, “To argue that Christians in Iraq are being targeted for their religious belief is to appeal to either ignorance or emotion.” “That is absurd,” he concluded said.