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USA: Persecuted Christians should be taken in on priority basis says Rep. Dana Rohrabacher



Persecuted Christians should be taken in on priority basis, Republican Dana Rohrabacher said

In keeping with details, Republican Dana Rohrabacher has initiated a legislation which will get a move on the intake of refugees from religious minorities who are suffering from persecuted at the hands of the Islamic State militants and various other militant groups in the Middle East.

“The alarm bell is ringing, ancient longstanding communities of Christians in the Middle East are being murdered individually and are mass-targeted for extinction.”

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According to this bill which has been introduced last week, the Christians and Yazidis facing severe persecution in the Middle East would be given precedence over other Muslim refugee applicants who pursue entry into the United States.

Republican Dana Rohrabacher said that it is only the Muslims who come from countries under attack by ISIS, for instance, have been able to find asylum in Europe. “Hundreds of thousands of Muslims are finding safety and economic handouts in Europe. But what about the true targets of genocide.” Nonetheless, Christians who have been persecuted by ISIS do not get asylum in Europe.

Aid to the Church in Need has presented a report which says that Christians are facing “genocide,” in Syria. John Pontifex, Editor of the Aid to the Church in Need while commenting about the persecution of Christians in Syria said, “For the Christians there is the other dimension of very direct persecution. Indeed, we have had reports of what we really can call genocide. Christians being put under pressure by being killed, being forced from their homes, being forced to convert, being forced to pay a jazia tax – an Islamic tax – and all evidence of Christian culture destroyed: Churches, chapels, crosses sanctuaries.”

He further pointed out to the fact the persecution of Christians isn’t limited to some areas, but is ongoing in all across the country. He said that the persecution is “severe enough” for Aid to the Church in Need to be troubled about the “motivated ethnic cleansing of Christians” from Syria.