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Vandals slay a Christian teen, hang dead body on a tree as a “public spectacle for Christians”


A group of vandals have reportedly slain a Christian teen identified as Qaisar Masih, on the grounds that the lad had been retaliating against their inequitable attitude. They made him a public spectacle for the Christians who would dare to argue with them nose to nose. The gang threatened all Christians of the area that anyone who dares to confront them would meet same fate.

Qaiser Masih

The incident was brought to highlight by Saleem Iqbal- Director of Care Council for Human Rights. The gross assassination of the Qaisar Masih took place near Pir Mahal, an administrative sub-division of Toba Tek Singh District of Punjab province. 18-year-old, Qaisar who was resident of Shadmaan Colony near Pir Mahal, purportedly confronted a gang of local Muslims who strangled him to death claiming no Christian should dare to come up against them.

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As reported, the alleged murders namely Muhammad Billa, his son Mohammad Haider and their accomplices attacked Qaisar Masih, and strangled him to death. However, their fury did not take a softer line, and they dragged his dead body all the way along a street openly. After reaching a public place, the assassins hanged his dead body with a tree, with an intention to make Qaisar exemplary for anyone who dared to disagree with them. Qaisar had reportedly stood up to Muhammad Haider, which resulted in a trivial dispute.

Sardar Masih, father of Qaiser Masih revealed that his son landed into trouble after he started arguing with Muhammad Haider and others. “There was minor argument among Qaisar Masih and Son of Muhammad Billa named Muhammad Haider which ended in compromise after begging for pardon by his son with falling on feet of Muhammad Haider in public but Muhammad Haider was not satisfied on it because he was very angry that how a Christian boy dared to argue with him.”