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Vandals threaten to torch Christians’ houses in Bahmaniwala over fallacious charges against a local Christian


Christians in Bahmaniwala imperiled once again as vandals threaten to torch houses of Christians over a fallacious dispute. In compliance with a report by human rights activist and journalist reported Saleem Iqbal, Christians are facing a clamant situation as they are likely to face a reprisal.

Pakistani Christians threatened by extremists

In a video report, Saleem Iqbal has detailed the scenario surrounding perilous situation for the Christians in Bahmaniwala in District Kasur,where a local Christian Ashraf Masih informed him that today a local woman brought false charges against him accuses him of being raunchy towards her. On the other hand, Ashraf Masih claims that he blew horn at her in attempt to prevent collision with her.

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The woman who is reportedly wife of Muhamamd Adil also accused Ashraf Masih of attempting to snatch her son and forty thousand rupees. Ashraf Masih further detailed that his house was the first to be torched during previous attempt to incinerate Christians’ houses.

Ashraf Masih stated that local Christians are imperiled because local landlords want them to labor for them, while the Christians are unwilling to serve them. Followed by fabricated allegations locals are attempting to lodge false police complaint against Ashraf Masih. As a result of the situation remains tense in the area.

In his video report, Saleem Iqbal further disclosed that police coerced Ashraf Masih’s mother and brother to sign a blank paper and warned of dire consequences if Ashraf did not surrender himself to police till August 27, Saturday. Furthermore, police had purportedly harassed Ashraf Masih’s mother and brother threatening to seal their house in case they fail to meet their demand.

Saleem Iqbal urged the Federal Minister for Human Rights and other authorities to take note of the incident, as Christians in Bahmaniwala face precarious danger. He called upon all to pray for safety and protection of the jeopardized Christians in Bahmaniwala.

Previously on June 30, 2009 a fuming mob of over six hundred men attacked Christians’s houses as a reprisal to blasphemy accusations. The mob ransacked Christians’ houses, looted valuables and tortured Christian men and women ruthlessly.