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Vatican: Christmas tree to be unveiled in the St. Peter’s Square on December 8


saint peter's square

Vatican announces to unveil a Christmas tree in Saint Peter’s Square a bit earlier than usual on December 8.

According to details, the Governorate of Holy See has decided to uncover the St. Peter’s square Christmas tree on the same day as the Jubilee Year of Mercy begins. German region of Bavaria has donated this year’s Christmas tree.

This is a 32 meters tall, two-pointed Spruce. On November 18th the Tree will arrive at the Saint Peter’s square and the staff of the Vatican gardens will erect this Spruce tree overnight. Moreover, the Archdiocese of Trento, will be donating a crib of the Christmas scene along with figures.

The Archdiocese of Trento in collaboration with the Friends of the Crib of Tesero group will be offering twenty-four life sized figures, which will comprise different scenes at the base of the huge Christmas tree.

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Few other figures, apart from those of Mary, Joseph, the Child and the three Magi will represent assorted Trentino nations; absolute with precise depiction of rural buildings and typical Trentino clothing belonging to mid-twentieth century.

However, the Christmas tree lights will be lit on December 18. This year, mostly colourful decorations adorning the tree will be observed. Moreover, designs made by children suffering of cancer will be recreated by the Vatican, for which purpose it has joined hands with the Countess Lene Thun Foundation.

The Countess Lene Thun Foundation ministers leisure therapy to children in oncology wards from corner to corner in Italy. The foundation asked the children to come up with designs that symbolize their dreams and desires.

Furthermore, some of these children suffering from cancer who designed the decorations are scheduled to meet Pope Francis on the 8th December, the day when the Christmas tree will be unveiled. At this occasion they will be presenting some of the decorations made by them to Pope Francis and will go together with him to unveil the Christmas tree.