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Venice illuminated in red light as an expression of solidarity with Asia Bibi and persecuted Christians


The city of Venice was illuminated in red light as an expression of solidarity with Asia Bibi and the persecuted Christians from across the globe. On November 20, the event started after sun went down. Historic buildings in Venice were lit up in order to draw world’s attention the persecution of Christians.

Christian persecution

In this regard, Pope Francis expressed support for the event saying that the event “will draw the due attention of all to the serious problem of discrimination that Christians suffer in many parts of the world.”

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“There are countries where a religion is imposed, others where there is violent persecution or systematic cultural mockery towards the disciples of Jesus!” he said.

During the evening, people from the Archdiocese of Venice, made a pilgrimage walk through Venice and prayed for the persecuted Christians throughout the world. This initiative was organized in cooperation with the city of Venice and the Patriarch of Venice Francesco Moraglia; while sponsorship provided by Aid to the Church in Need (ACN).

Eight historic buildings and the Rialto Bridge along with the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute in Venice were lit up in red light. Earlier this year, in February, a similar event was organized when the Colosseum was illuminated in red light expressing solidarity with persecuted Christians and Asia Bibi.

Previously, Aid to the Church in Need also illuminated in red light London’s Parliament building, asilica of the Sacred Heart in Paris and the cathedral in Manila, Philippines IN 2017. Additionally, major landmarks in Montreal, Toronto, Paris, Barcelona, London, Sydney, and Washington, DC will also be illuminated in red for an evening from November 21 till 28.