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Victim of Forced Conversion Recaptured by Abductor


Fouzia Sadiqe holds banner and asks for safety - Copy

Fouzia Sadiqe, a Christian woman was living with her parents when she was kidnapped by her family’s Muslim landlord and was forced to marry him after converting her to Islam last year in July.

This year on March 8, 2016, she managed to escape a horrible ordeal which lasted for eight months and reached Legal Evangelical Association Development LEAD with her mother and asked for justice and safety.

Sardar Mushtaq Gill, head of LEAD organization immediately took legal initiative and first filed a jactitation suit at family court, Lahore in which next date of hearing was fixed for April 5 and secondly filed a petition in additional and session court, Lahore for registration of criminal case against the landlord and his accomplices in which she appeared and next date of hearing was fixed for March 21.

Sadiqe was living at Gill’s house for protection, but on Palm Sunday Fouzia’s mother requested the advocate to let her daughter go with her to celebrate Palm Sunday with her family.

A few days later Bashiran Bibi, mother of the victim came to LEAD advocate and narrated that her daughter had been recaptured by the landlord.

Christian women in Pakistan are often seen as easy targets because of the low social status given to them due to their gender and religious identity. Women from Pakistan’s religious minorities are abducted, forcefully married, and forcefully converted to Islam. A large number of women continue to face this abuse in Pakistan in every year.