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Video : Pakistan’s Untouchables: The Christian Sweeper Community


A couple of weeks ago, a senior politician made a statement on television saying “only non-Muslims will be recruited for sanitary jobs”, drawing more attention to the kind of neglect this community is facing.



This short documentary looks at the socioeconomic barriers faced by the Christian sweepers piled with racial discrimination. It will look at in depth how sweepers are being exploited by being made to work on daily wages for years, when this is clearly acting against labour laws in Pakistan. The direct correlation between the illiteracy rate of many of these Christians and the nature of their employed work will also be highlighted.

Another cause of concern for this community is the growing rate of persecutions under the blashemy law in Pakistan. Recently, Joseph Colony was looted and burnt down by a Muslim mob.
I’m hoping to play this report on social media in bringing this forgotten community into the Internet limelight, so human rights activists can help fight for their cause, as it seems there is no one to represent them even in their own community.
Marginalized from the mainstream job market and still facing lower-caste discrimination in the 21st century, Pakistan’s Christian sweepers are a community in peril.

By Ahmen Khawaja