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Vietnam: 4000 Christians whacked during protestation against dumping toxins in sea


About four thousand Christian beaten by police in Vietnamese town of Ky Anh. These Christians had staged an anti-pollution protest against the Vietnamese government. This protestation was triggered by contamination of 70 tons of fish as a result of waste dumped into the sea.

Christians beaten in Vietnam

These Christians had staged a protest against the socio-environmental hazard caused as a result of the toxin dumping in the sea by a steel company. Christians families making both ends meet by fishing and others had suffered a heavy blow in consequence to the contamination.

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This assemblage was marching towards the municipal offices, while still on the way were barricaded by the police who tried to use force to disperse the crowd. Dozens were injured as a result of the bashing. One of the Christian protester was quoted by Asia News as saying: “On Aug. 15 we decided to march to the offices of the town but the police had blocked all access to the highway. Some protesters tried to climb the barricades but they were repelled. Police used batons to beat people, and a woman was injured.”

While remarking about this incident a Christian advocacy group International Christian Concern, said that environment hazard has left many Christian as well as other families in turmoil. “Fishing is a vital and important source of income and food for Vietnam and would have a major impact on the economy if the situation continues without proper counter measures. As a result protests have continued and local authorities, in an attempt to quell the situation, have resorted to violence.”

“Vietnam continues to harass, intimidate, and beat religious minorities as countless Christian pastors remain in prison merely for their beliefs,” ICC noted.