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Vietnam: Christians may face restrictions according to a new law


Christians in Veitnam

Vietnam inching towards passing a dicey “restrictive law on religion.”

According to details, Vietnam’s supreme political body which is the Standing Committee of the National Assembly has discussed a bill on August 14. The bill will be passed next year as a result of few signs.

Andy Dipper, Chief operating officer of a religious freedom advocacy group Christian Solidarity Worldwide, states, “We know from our research that many religious leaders and community representatives have serious concerns about the draft, which could, in its current form, lead to further interference into religious life in Vietnam.”

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However, the legislatures also sought advice from the religious groups on the law. The law is presently in its fourth draft despite seeing the sensitivity of the issue few consequent changes to its wording have been made as far as this.

Once this law is introduced, it would oblige all religious activity to be registered with the Vietnamese authorities or else such outfits will be banned.

In this regard, Archbishop Girelli said, “The pontifical representation is monitoring the ongoing legislation about religion and belief. The local Church hopes to be more involved in the consultation in view of the new law being passed.”

If the draft law is passed, it would be considered “a step backward”, said Archbishop Leopoldo Girelli, who is Vatican’s representative to Vietnam.