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Violence against Religious Minorities in India


In December, 32 priests and seminarians were punished to sit on cold floor throughout night in police lock up in Satna, Madhya Pradesh. A Hindu extremist ob known as Bajrang Dal halt them for singing Christmas carols. That Hindu group burnt their car and forcefully took them to the police station. The Christian group spent whole sleepless night quietly in lock up. Then one of the priests was charged with the allegation of converting people forcefully to Christianity.

Violence against Religious Minorities in India

Meanwhile the Hindu Jagran Manch, in Aligarh and in some towns of Uttar Pradesh, stopped Christian school management from celebrating Christmas religious rites. Due to the severe threat most of the Christians in India attended Christmas mass in order to show unity and protest against Hindu activists.

The annual World Watch list of 2017 released by Open Doors Organization in America designated India on number 15 while last year India was on number 31. Earlier India was not a safe place for Muslims but with the passage of time Hindu extremists groups are making it hell for its Christian minority too. The Muslim minority has been under attack and target killed by the police. On the other hand the Christians followers including nuns, priests and worship places are tolerating attacks for being minority in India.

In 2017, the United Christian Forum listed 216 attacks cases on Christians but there number is quite less in police records and a few culprits were arrested. Less than half of attacks on the Jesus followers are reported in Tamil Nadu, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. The Christian public confronted social and economic objections even their electricity and water supply was stopped.

In India, Bharatiya Janata Party and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh have assumed that evangelical campaigns which are run by foreign funding want to convert low caste Hindus to Christianity. This propaganda developed hate among other Hindu groups for Christianity.

According to the senior lawyer Rajeev Dhavan, India is only the civilization of Hindus and in past decades all conversion are made due to fear or compulsion.

He recalls the damage made to Babri Masjid, Australian evangelical Graham Staines’ murder with his young children and target killing of Christians and Muslims is one phase of the policy which wants to discipline other religions in the country. This policy includes “both a program to impose fear on others as well as a legal policy to intimidate non-Hindu minorities through the processes of the law”.

Last year on three different occasions, Christian children who were traveling for Christian camps were boarded off from the train by the Railway Police in Madhya Pradesh since they were accused of being “kidnapped to be converted”.
In May, 71 children who were traveling to attend the summer Bible camp in Nagpur with one of their relatives who was with them as their care taker were held back by the police.

In October, two men and seven children going for Bible studies were stopped by the local police at railway station for apparently no reason and put them in their custody for whole night . They did not even permit their parents to meet them.

According to Gandhi, Islam and Christianity are same Indian faiths as Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism while the Hindus living in India assume Islam and Christianity as foreign religion in India.