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VOM Worker Imprisoned in Sudan nearly Killed by ISIS Cellmates


PRAGUE, Czech Republic – For years he served the aggrieved church with The Voice of the Martyrs. At that point toward the finish of a trek to Sudan, Czech national Petr Jasek was captured and accused of surveillance. He was imprisoned on that accuse of Islamic activists and later condemned about twenty years. But now he’s free from jail and Jasek is uncovering a portion of the subtle elements of his frightening background.

VOM Worker Imprisoned in Sudan Killed by ISIS Cellmates

Close Death Experience
Soon after his capture, minister Jasek was detained with individuals from ISIS.”One of the ISIS individuals was a Libyan person who at 12 years old was an individual monitor for Osama Bin Laden in Tora Bora and later on when he came back to Libya he was one of the killers who butchered the 20 Egyptians on the Libyan shore,” Petr clarified.”He took out an angling string, a significant solid angling string from his pocket and he was demonstrating how he could kill a man inside a couple of moments with this angling string. He let me know whether I was an American, or Russian that he would break my neck instantly and slaughter me.” Petr found his different cellmates were similarly as outrageous. At the point when made a request to share news all things considered, he informed them concerning the Paris fear based oppressor assault. “When I said the 129 individuals got killed they interfered with me and they began to yell, ‘Allahu Akbar’ for a few minutes. Along these lines, promptly I knew the organization that I was in and I quit letting them know any longer news,” he said. “They called me a dirty pig, or smudged rodent and in the event that I didn’t respond to this new name they began to beat me, slapping my face, or clench hand to my face and they utilized a wooden stick. So bit by bit I began to live with the new name. I was not Petr any longer, I was simply ‘grimy pig.'”

Abused Helping the Persecuted

How could it result in these present circumstances? Why was this man committed to aiding oppressed Christians now himself abused?

Petr’s capture came in December 2015, only two years after the Sudanese government thought it had removed all remote Christian laborers from the nation.While going by Sudan, Petr met with Christian pioneers and recorded some video. Operators reallocated his hardware and accused him of spying against the legislature. Amid his initial four months in prison Petr requested that God return him to his family. His epiphany came after he drove some Eritrean detainees to Christ. In January 2017, a Sudanese court condemned Petr to 20 years in jail. His work helping oppressed Christians in Sudan was viewed as a hostile to state action – reconnaissance. “I truly was thought to be an exceptionally risky individual. They specified I am a worker of a spy association called VOM. Really (they trusted) VOM was a spy association (not a mission),” he said.
One day Petr returned home from school and discovered his folks missing.

“They were captured. They were captured by mystery police and cross examined. Evidently the administration, the mystery police, needed to realize what was happening in our home,” he said. Also, after 36 years, similar to his folks, Petr was captured for his Christian exercises – just this time because of Islamists, not communists. In any case, God arranged Petr for his jail encounter years prior, when his dad gave him a unique blessing.

“Without saying much, he brought the book composed by Richard Wurmbrand. The name of the book in German was En Gottis Undergrund, which implies In God’s Underground in English and I was familiar with German around then as of now. He gave me this book and said read this book, it will support your confidence,” Petr reviewed. His dad passed away at 89 years old while Petr was in jail. What’s more, what did Petr think his dad would say to him in regards to his time in jail and what he experienced?
“I’m very certain that he’d be pleased with me. I’m very certain, definitely,” he answered inwardly. Petr was liberated subsequent to burning through 14 months in jail. He credits the Czech government for arranging his discharge and the petitions and support of Christians around the globe. Almost a large portion of a million people marked an appeal to for him and thousands sent empowering cards and letters. Petr says he was conveyed to tears when he heard some Sudanese ladies close to the jail singing Christian acclaim melodies.

Surviving Prison, By the Grace of God
How did the jail encounter change him? “When you gotten through this circumstance you understand that all that you have is the beauty of God and it is on His quality that it is in jail, it is not your own particular quality that you can survive. Being modest and being dependable to the last minute, this is the minute when we can be more than champions when we experience troublesome circumstances on account of our confidence in Jesus Christ,” Petr clarified. A modest worker of the oppressed church, mistreated himself and afterward liberated from jail, appreciative for the individuals who asked and for figuring out how to sit tight calmly on God for triumph and beaut.