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Wall of Kindness: Kunri Christian Hospital lending helping hand to the truly needy in far-off area of Pakistan


A team of Kunri Christian Hospital has initiated the project of “Wall of Kindness” where people from all religions, creed and language flock together and leave whatever their gifts are for the underprivileged. The step is plainly not enough to cope with eth ascending ratio of the poor in the country who are primarily deprived of clothing or other such necessities, but the Christian Hospital’ Team is glad it is trying to impact the society in a noticeable way.

Christian Hospitals operating in Sindh Pakistan

The Hospital’ team states that a Wall of Kindness is set up for people to participate in the act of kindness by donating whatever they can for the poor in the far-off area Kunri. This event is held last Saturday of every month, starting from 9:00 am in the morning till 2:00pm.

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This month’s event on May 28 Saturday, started by prayers from Reverend Qaisar Lal and Father James, who afterwards distributed the goods to the needy. The Kunri Christian Hospital Team also extended gratitude to Father Louis who has sent 12 bags full of clothes for the charity project.

Hospital’ team also thanked Gulfaraz Mushtaq for transporting the goods from Karachi to Kunri. At the same time, the Hospital’ team thanked all others who had participated in this charity event in any capacity and urged all to take part in this charitable act and help those in need.

Kunri is a rural town in Sindh, home to around 200,000 people in the southern Pakistani desert. Even though, Kunri has a predominantly Muslim town; there is also a large population of Christians and Hindus though in minority. Kunri Christian Hospital supported by the Roman Catholic Church and Church of Pakistan, is administering medical and health facilities to the rural and tribal communities of the Tharparkar; where medical facilities are scarce since 1962.