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War on Christians


There has been a momentous rise in the number of incidences reported when Christian minorities have been attacked in Muslim Majority areas.

For instance, in Egypt only at least 550 such cases were documented during the last five years. Very indistinguishable reports are up-and-coming from Pakistan, where Christians were persecuted, kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan stated that 1800 Christian and Hindu girls were forcibly converted to Islam. Most recently, the incidence of forcible conversion of a Christian girl – sister of a pastor, raises this number. Similar stories are being heard from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Turkey, Kuwait, Kenya, Indonesia etc.

Burning Churches is a trend that has seen wide acceptance amongst the extremists. In addition persecution of those who had converted to Christianity has heightened sharply. One such incidence was witnessed by many recently, when a Christian couple in Pakistan received severe beatings from their Muslim neighbors and friends. The couple had previously converted to Islam but was seeking to reconvert to Christianity. One of the man’s best friends abducted him and tortured him, while the wife was beaten. “One should have the freedom to choose the religion one wishes to follow,” said the Christian husband.