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War on terrorism is a holy war says a Russian Orthodox Church Cleric


Russian orthodox church

War on terrorism termed Holy by Russian Orthodox Church.

According to media reports, Russia started its campaign against terrorism in Syria on September 30 when it carried out its first air strike. The strikes are continuing as terrorists are being wiped out. In the wake of, these strikes which have sparked worldwide debates have been fully supported by the Russian Orthodox Church.

While remarking about the ongoing Russian campaign in Syria, Vsevolod Chaplin a higher cleric of the Russian Orthodox Church stated that his church supports his government’s plan to deliver military assist to the Syria. He added that all religions in Russia will support the anti-terrorist drive through and through.

Vsevolod Chaplin stated, “We have an inter-religious council in Russia and I can say with confidence – the coming statement of this body that unites Orthodox Christians, Muslims, Jews and Buddhists will support our state’s decision. The decision with which our state again assumes a special role in the Middle East and in particular in Syria.”

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“The active position of our country has always been connected with protection of the weak and oppressed, like the Middle East Christians who are now experiencing a real genocide. Russia’s role has always been in protecting peace and justice for all Mideast peoples.” He said while construing that the Russian strikes against terrorists in Syria comply with the norms of international law, and also reflect the views of most Russian people.

“Terrorism is immoral and we need to protect those who are being driven from their lands by war,” Chaplin noted. He went on to lay emphasis on the fact that the main purpose behind the military operation in Syria is intended to protect the civilians from the terrorists and not to serve any political or economic interest.

He underlined that terrorism was a considerable threat to humanity in today’s world. “Whatever they are trying to justify terrorism with, it cannot be justified. Thus, any fight against terrorism is moral, we can even call it a holy fight,” he told the media.