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Warning of second 9/11 as ISIS army prepares to approach America


US flag
The Islamic State terror group has released an 11 minute ling video titles “We will Burn America”. The video stated that America should remain prepared for an attack similar to the 9/11 and an approaching “army of jihad”.

The video threat is not the first of its kind as earlier in January, a similar threat had been issued from ISIS. It warned about beheading of President Barrack Obama and turning America into a Muslim Province. The Islamic radical group has already captured significant territory in Iraq and Syria and is looking to expand the geographic boundaries of its caliphate.

The latest video warns that as America invades Muslim regions it should not think that its geographic location will protect it. The army of Jihad will reach their land as well. ISIS has also warned that there is no safety for any American on the globe.

The video goes on to boast that, “its time for pay-back now and by the grace of Allah, the mujahideen are much more stronger now and have all the necessary resources thud they are now able to burn America again.

Human rights reporters and aid-workers continue to report of massive abuses and acts of violence done by ISIS all over the world on a daily base. While men have been routinely beheaded in mass slaughters often recorded on video, women and children have been enslaved, beaten and raped. The terror group has warned the world to be prepared for more.