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Washington: A football coach suspended for “praying in the field” after every game


Joe Kennedy

A Christian football coach faces suspension over praying in the field on regular basis.

According to details, Joe Kennedy an assistant Football coach of the Bremerton School District was fired from his job when he refused to stop praying on the field. It has been his custom to pray on the field. He waits until all the players have left the field then walks onto the 50-yard line and kneels down and prays.

Joe Kennedy had been facing a lot of criticism off late for praying and has been pressurised to quit his practice. However, after getting sacked, he talked with the media and said, “My prayers, which are about 30 seconds long, focus on thanking God for a good game and for the opportunity to be involved in my student’s lives, and praying for God’s blessing on their future.”

It is interestingly observed that he never invited any of his students to join him in prayers; however, some of his students do join him in prayers. It was just last month that the school administration warned him that his praying practice has been brought in their notice. The administration warned him to stop praying on the filed or else he would be fired from his job. Nonetheless, Joe Kennedy did not quit praying and got fired.

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Ever since, the school administration has warned him, there was an opposition to him. In this regard, a 17-year-old, student Abe Bartlett, and some others invited some members of the Satanic Temple of Seattle to watch a football match and protest the tolerance shown by the school administration towards Joe Kennedy’s praying practice.

After that particular football game, Joe Kennedy offered his customary post-game prayer while at that moment some players from both Bremerton High School and the opposing team joined him in the prayer.

“I’ve got my eyes closed and I feel all these people around me. I’m like, God, I hope those aren’t kids. I’m sitting there and I’m going, ‘God, thank you for this opportunity.’ And, if this is the last time I step on the field with these guys.”

After that game, an official letter was sent to Joe Kennedy from the school administration declaring his termination. The letter stated, “Unless and until you are advised otherwise, you may not participate, in any capacity, in BHS [Bremerton High School] football program activities.”

On the other hand the Satanic Temple hailed the school’s decision to suspend Joe Kennedy for not quitting praying at the midfield, after every game. “A big shout-out to the Bremerton School District for taking prompt and decisive action to stop Coach Kennedy from continuing to violate the law with his public prayers while on duty. By putting him on paid administrative leave and releasing a strongly-worded public statement, the district has sent an extremely clear signal that they will hold fast the line between church and state.”