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Water Of Turkey’s Lake Turns Blood Red


Salt Lake turning red

Remarkable sights witnessed in Turkey’s Tuz Golu salt lake, as watre turns blood red.

According to reports, Tuz Golu, is a large, salt lake that is located outside the town of Aksaray in central Turkey. The salt lake covers an area of over 600 square miles. Tuz Golu is Turkey’s second-largest lake, while at the same time it is believed to be amongst the largest hyper saline bodies of water in the world.

It has been speculated that because of the fact that the lake also hosts a huge bloom of Dunaliella salinas algae. These algae have turned the water of Tuz Golu into deep crimson red, which has caused great astonishment among the locals as well as the tourists.

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According to Dr. Christopher Gobler who is a marine ecology research professor, the Saline lake Tuz Gola, is gradually evaporating amid the summer heat. “Because the lake is losing water, the salinity is getting higher and higher, which kills off a lot of the plankton that normally eat these red algae,” he says.

“So now, the algae is thriving and will probably red until the lake fully evaporates, probably next month during the peak of summer heat,” he explains.

Water turns red

The fact is, that during hot and dry months, the tourists can walk on the salt flats until water starts coming back during winter months. But for the time being, tourists can stride in the blood red water that is filled with non toxic algae.

“I wouldn’t recommend drinking the lake’s water, but some people actually grow Dunaliella salinas algae for its antioxidant properties,” Dr. Gobler says.