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We are censurable for our community’s rack and ruin: Christian Students’ Community Pakistan


Christian Students’ Community Pakistan has pointed fingers at the slackness of Pakistani Christians regarding educating the next generation. In a public letter, the group aimed at underlining the root cause of the downfall of Pakistani Christians- as they linger along destitute and devastated.

Educational crisis of Pakistani Christians

In an open letter to the Pakistani Christian, it was stated that at the moment, Pakistani Christians are in a disorderly state-which is attributed to the laxity of the Christians themselves. “No one else is responsible for our downfall but we.” Instead of passing on the legacy of good morals and education we have handed over the business of producing and selling alcohol, menial occupations such as sanitary workmanship and lack of self-confidence and grievances.

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CSCP further stated that considering contemporary challenges in day to day life, hardly any would not want to earn handsome amounts of money along with luxuries of life. “These can only be procured at the cost of getting higher education.” The group censured Christians saying that majority of Christians children are deprived of education owing to two justifications presented by the Christian parents: lack of resources to afford education, secondly lack of jobs.

It was further stated that Pakistani Christian do not hesitated in borrowing huge amounts of loans for other activities and pomp however, we do not bother to use the borrowed money on our children’s education which would certainly pay off in times to come. It was asserted that the reserved jobs for minorities in the government sector are vacant owing to the lack of educated Christians.

Moreover, owing to want of well settled life partners, our Christian girls convert to other religions and marry non-believers- which is a major setback to the community. “For how long will we not awake from our slumber?”

It is about time that we brace up with the resolution not to let our next generation make a living out of menial jobs such as janitors or alcohol dealers etc. The group urges all Christian parents to strive hard and educate their children so their children do not starve of huger.