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“We are daughters of a blasphemy accused”: Asia Bibi’s daughters lead a life brimming with fear and anxiety


Daughters of Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi, say they are fearful because “they are daughters of a blasphemer.” Asia Bibi has been on the death row since last six years now, and is languishing behind the bars in Multan jail. Meanwhile, in the outside world there had been massive outcry for her release and acquittal both at national and international level.

Asia Bibi on death row

Asia Bibi’s daughters namely Esham and Esha say they are nervy and fearful- as they might face reprisal when anyone would know they are daughters of a blasphemy convict. The incident has drained all the confidence out of the girls, who said they are feel anxious even talking with people.

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They had been down in dumps, however ever since they have had light at the end of the tunnel since the Supreme Court announced to hear their mother’s appeal case this month. These girls are hopeful of cancellation of their mother’s death sentence despite, they long for her release or acquittal.

While recounting last years’ experience in the Vatican, 18-year-old Esham said that Pope Francis prayed for her mother. “I cannot remember much,” she said but he was praying for my mother’s release.

Asia Bibi’s case hearing is scheduled to be heard by the Supreme Court of Pakistan this month, when her fate will be decided. In June 2009, accusations of blasphemy were hurled at her by her fellow workers. Subsequently, Section 295-C was invoked against the Christian woman which leads to capital punishment.