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We Are Facing Many Difficulties: A Convert To Christianity


LAHORE: A new believer in Christ under threats by her family and religious extremists.



A girl named Maria accepted Christ some time ago and married a Christian man named Emmanuel Masih. She has been living with her newly found Christian faith since 4 years without disclosing her marriage and conversion to Christianity to her friends and Family. Whereas suddenly her sister revealed her secret marriage and her conversion to the family, triggering an antagonistic reaction.


I am told that my family making threats to my husband’s father to bring them back and handover to my family. We both requested to many our friends and Pastors to give us shelter but yet not given by any one. I have strong faith in Jesus and have no fear of being killed for faith rather it will be my proud, but I have only concerned for our little kid”, tells Maria.


“My father is very upset and warned me that they will kill you if they find you”, says Emmanuel.  “We are facing many difficulties and hurdles because of Muslim extremist group’s threats, we have changed our residence many times, we have shifted from one place to another even in the last week we have changed the location of residence but now we are tired. We have no guarantee of our lives,” they say.