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We are lagging behind because we do not prioritize educating our children: Chairman Christian Students’ Foundation


In a message to Pakistani Christians, Chairman of Christian Students Foundation Behzad Shahdab Randhawa has urged Christian parents to make all out efforts to educate their children. He urged that today Pakistani Christians are down trodden because of their own negligence. “We Christians are facing problems at all fronts, so much so that our sacred places are not safe.”

Pakistani Christians urged to educate their children

CSF Chairman maintained that today Pakistani Christians are living in slavery only because of their own slackness. One of the major causes of our downfall is lack of education; without education it is impossible to prosper. “If our children get educated, then a bright and prosper future awaits our community.”

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The need of the hour is to select sincere leaders from our community. We need leaders who would stand by our side in the times of distress. A real leader will always support his nation at any cost. He urged Pakistani Christians to take heed and reject such leaders who seek their own interests instead of their nation’s.

“Today make a firm resolution, not to follow deceptive leaders,” he urges Pakistani Christians. Instead follow leaders who have a vision for the betterment of the Christians community. “I am hopeful that my message motivates many,” he stated.