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We are not considered native: FATA’s Christians grieve over government’s indifference


“We are not considered native,” said aggrieved Christians of Kurram Agency. Despite presence of Christian population before the creation of Pakistan, Christians in Kurram Agency have not been acknowledged as permanent residents. In line with a local Christians “Christians are not being issued Domicile A – which is issued to permanent citizens of the country, instead they issue us Domicile B.”

Pakistani Christians in FATA

The local Christian anonymously revealed that the Afghan people who had come to settle in the region are being issued Domicile A which means the government acknowledges them as permanent citizens of Pakistan whereas Christians are native and born and bred in the area are not acknowledged as permanent citizens. “Other minorities including Hindus and Sikhs are also being issued Domicile A,” he whined.

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So far government has given cold shoulder to all those who had taken up the task to raise the issue of Christians of Kurram Agency, he said. “In order to wipe out a nation, its history must first be annihilated.” Christians have always been instrumental before and after the creation of Pakistan. Our contributions are being deliberately overlooked, he said.

He further invoked the authorities and said that Deewan Bahadur S.P. Singha was a Christian, who was pivotal in Freedom Movement. He was a close ally of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He raised the slogan, “Seenay peg li khayien ge, Pakistan bayien ge,” which means we are willing ot die even if it’s the cost of creation of Pakistan.

He further went on to complain, that is this the country Christians has endeavored for? Christians had laid their lives for this country, yet they are not being considered permanent citizens. We urge the government to look into the matter and make arrangements to bestow status of permanent citizens upon Christians of Kurram Agency and FATA. “We must be issued Domicile A, instead of Domicile B,” he said.