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“We can never forget”: Christians commemorate APS martyrs during a vigil


“We can never forget” is what Islamabad based Christian entrepreneurs Asad Rafi and Sehrish Asad Rafi stated while remembering the martyrs of the Army Public School massacre. In order to mark the second anniversary of the heinous attack, a candle light vigil was celebrated at Micronox.

Pakistani Christians remember the victims of APS attack

This candle light vigil was held under the auspices of Asad Rafi and Sehrish Asad Rafi owners of Micronox leading BPO. This event was attended by hundreds including students, journalists, entrepreneurs and various prominent leaders. The participants lit a candle each in the memory of those who had fallen in the heinous terrorist strike. The school children who lost their lives in the attack were remembered with great love and reverence. At the same time, the participants condemned the merciless attack by the terrorists who had killed more than 140 including children, teachers and the Principal herself.

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This vigil was also attended by the President of Blue Area, the President of Blue Area Traders Association along with several senior journalists who offered prayers for the bereaved families as they lit candles in the memory of the victims.

“By lighting the candles, a message of light, peace and hope was conveyed,” stated Sehrish co-owner of Micronox as she continued, “Candle is a symbol of light that engulfs darkness and we proclaim that we will fight terrorism, fear and death till our last breath,” she asserted. “Live Long Pakistan!”

In a statement Asad Rafi maintained: “It breaks me to recall the brutal attack on the innocent children of APS. These flowers of were crushed and martyred heartlessly. But it gives me a hope to see Pakistan Army actively operating against terrorist activities and trying to eradicate them so Pakistan can again become a heaven for the world. Let’s unite against terrorism and say NO to fear and brutality.”

Two years ago today, on December 16, 2014 more than 140 people, including 132 schoolchildren, were massacred in an attack what has been rightfully termed as the deadliest terrorist strike in Pakistan’s history. Early morning terrorists stormed Army Public School and started indiscriminately killing everyone.

While remembering the fallen, the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif expressed his condolences to families of the victims of the Army Public School attack. “Today reminds us of the horrific APS incident,” he said. The Premier further added that that the entire nation stands with the bereaved families in their times of sorrow.

He reiterated the resolution that the leadership of the country is determined to do way with the scourge of terrorism once for all. “We have no mercy in our hearts for these ruthless murderers who killed our innocent children,” he said.

In this regard, a memorial was held at Army Public School Peshawar earlier today. Tributes were paid to the victims of the tragic incident. This memorial was attended by Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Bajwa, Corps Commander Peshawar Lt Gen Hidayat ur Rehman and Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Iqbal Zafar Jhagra, along with APS students, teachers and families of the martyred.