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We have finished the infidel: A handicapped Christian brutally butchered by three men


Pakistani Christians protesting

Three Muslim men brutally butchered a Christian man, District Sheikhupura’s Wandala Dayal Shah.

In line with details, 50-year-old, handicapped Pakistani Christian, Nazir Masih was brutally slaughtered by three Muslim men after a heated argument. The incident took place on April 5, when the alleged murderers Muhammad Haider, Muhammad Nazar and Muhammad Achy Gujjar chased him in the fields and attacked him.

The deceased Nazir Masih was a property dealer, who had arranged for a deal of between the three alleged murders and another man. It has been reported that, the alleged murders who had finalized the deal of buying a plot; with the intention to take possession of the piece of land without paying the price. The property dealer and the buyers entered into hot argument when the murders refused to pay the earlier decided buying amount of 250000 Rupees.

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On the same day, at around 6:30 pm, Nazir Masih went to the fields, where the three men arrived and started beating him. The three alleged murders are butchers by profession; beat him and threw him on the ground and started slaughtering him like animals. They cut his throat, and later sliced his other body parts. All the while, the murders were chanting slogans “We have finished the Infidel.” At this commotion, people from all around started gathering; at which the three murders fled waving their knives in the air.

The locals informed the family of Nazir Masih, about the incident. Nazir’s son Iqbal Masih approached the local police station, and beseeched the police to take action against the three alleged murders. However, the police showed reluctance, as the three as influential men of the area.

Nonetheless, the police instead backed a party who forced the victim’s family to settle the dispute and not lodge an FIR against the culprits. However, a minorities’ right activist aided the victimized family to launch an FIR against the culprits. With his assistance the family was able to register a police complaint, FIR number 343/16 under Section 302/324 of PPC at the Ferozwala Police Station. The culprits were not arrested until the FIR was filed.