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We heard two explosions, bricks were falling everywhere: Resident of Christian Colony details horrific encounter with terrorists


Christian resident of Christian Colony attacked by the terrorists just recently, narrates a horrific encounter with the terrorists who jumped into the porch of his house. He said that as soon the family heard the gunfire, they hid themselves in the back room of their house.

Christian survicor of the terrorist attack speaks out

Farooq Masih, whose house was intruded by one of the four suicide bombers who had attempted to take shelter in order to evade the crossfire with the security forces. At the time, when the bomber jumped into his house, he was in the back room of his house along with his wife and five children. He portrayed a dreadful scene while also thanked God for a miraculous escape from the clutches of death.

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“I grabbed my son Suleman who was in the bathroom and locked the door,” Farooq Masih said as he continued, “I moved two sofas against the door to block access.” Seeing the family hiding themselves in the back room, the terrorist shot at the door. “We were lying on the ground. I do not know what happened.”

He further depicted the horror of the encounter saying, “We heard two explosions outside and one of my daughters fainted. Bricks were falling everywhere. I opened the back door and I had everyone crawl to the neighbor’s house.”

“We looked like sheep. We broke down the front door and we hid. After five minutes our house exploded,” he narrated the catastrophe. As a result of the explosion, his house was devastated completely, he lost everything. At the same time, three nearby houses also suffered partial damage.

Farooq Masih’s 14-year-old, son Suleman also recalled the incident saying that he remembers the terrorists’ faces. “Two of them had more or less my age,” Suleman said, “but they were carrying big guns. We found pieces of their bodies everywhere.”

On September 2, around 5:50 am, four terrorists from hailing from a Taliban splinter group launched an attack at the Christian Colony in Peshawar. Samuel Masih the sole Christian victim of the terror strike was hit by nine bullets which had been sprayed by the terrorists. Samuel Masih was on his way to work when he was hit by the terrorists, he expired on the scene. Soon security forces engaged all four of the bombers in a cross fire which lasted for about 40 minutes. The attack was neutralized by the security forces after a successful counter-operation.