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“We pay tribute to labourers across the globe”: Christian lawmaker hails blue collar workers


Former Member of Punjab Assembly Kamal Chughtai has paid tribute to the labourers on the occasion of the World Labour Day. “We pay tribute to labourers around the world- especially Christian working-class people,” he stated.

Ex MPA Kamal Chughtai

MPA Kamal Chughtai who hails from Pakistani Christian community, paid homage to the blue-collar work force. He said that pledging better facilities and dedication towards betterment of the working class, “we will strive for medical, social and economic rights for the working-class.”

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In a statement sent to Christians in Pakistan, he went on to explain that our working- class friends must be facilitated through dispensation of fundamental rights. He pointed towards insufficient salaries set for the labourers. He urged the government to raise the standard salary of the labourers. “I urge the government to raise the salary of labourers- keeping in line with their due rights,” he emphasized.

He said that the while chalking out budget for the next fiscal year, the government should consider facilitation of the working-class. MPA Kamal Chugtai raised the issue of lack of basic facilities at the work places. He said that labourers suffer due to lack of basic facilities while they work.

“I beseech the government to make sure that whenever the labourers are hired they are provided with basic medical facilities at their work place,” he said. “Authorities should take efficacious steps so that the working conditions are improved,” he said as he added, “precisely paying attention to their hygiene and health condition.”