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We Prefer To Die Rather Than Convert To Islam Says An Iraqi Christian Refugee


ANKAWA: Refugees now settled in a Church tell horrifying story of their forced exodus.

Refugees in Assemblies of God Church- Ankawa
Refugees in Assemblies of God Church- Ankawa

A refugee settled in Assemblies of God Church, in Ankawa talks about the horrifying ultimatum they faced.

A Christians fleeing IS says, “We have been told by ISIS if we don’t convert to Islam either they will kill us or we will have to leave the city. For most, it wasn’t a choice at all.

“We prefer to die rather than convert to Islam,” he said. “God has created us as Christians so we don’t want to convert to Islam. The power of God keeps us and strengthens us to remain as Christians.”

“I’m already wanted by the Islamic groups over there and secondly I’m a Christian,” he said. “As a minority, I’m also wanted by ISIS so we cannot go back there anymore,” he said.