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We want “Election” not “Selection” : All Pakistan Christian League

APCL- Press release
APCL- Press release

In a press release the Chairman of  All Pakistan Christian League- Professor Salamat Akhter articulated the demand for “election” in lieu of “selection.” A copy APCL’s press release is as follows:


Dear Friends,

Kindly accept our heartfelt thanks for sparing your precious minutes to dispatch our grievances to the Higher Authorities.

Before I throw some light on the Electoral System for Minority prevailing in Pakistan, it is relevant to state that no community or nation can claim basic rights unless or until it has performed its duties.

It is an established fact that we are the makers of Pakistan along with crushed and crippled Muslim masses. We have played a vital role with them for peace, prosperity, stability and solidarity of Pakistan.

Islam, Quaid-e-Azam, Constitution of Pakistan and the U.N.O have given us equal rights, but unfortunately no government, no politician and no parliament of Pakistan has done anything good and worth pride for us. They are famous for their lip service towards our basic Human Rights.

In 1947, the number of the members of the Constituent Assembly was 69. It is 342 today. We have only 10 seats. They are not a gift of any ruler; we bought them with our own blood in 1972. No Government has ever bordered to increase our seats in Parliament. No ruler has ever consulted us about our representation and protection of basic rights vides the spirit of Pakistan Resolution of 1940 and promises of Quaid-e-Azam. We have become only a laboratory of experiments concerning our representation. History of Pakistan shows that neither any Christian leader has ever signed a Constitution of Pakistan neither any Christian leader has been ever placed in the Constitution Making Committee. Moreover the article 226 of the constitution of 1973 is strongly violated; we love joint electorate because it makes us a part and parcel of the Pakistani nation. As for our reserved seats are concerned we want Election and not Selection.