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“We will chop off your head”: A British Pakistani Christian convert says his life is at constant risk


Nissar Hussain

A British Pakistani Muslim who converted to Christianity faces constant threats and life threatening situation owing to reprisal from the Muslim community.

In keeping with details, a British Pakistani Muslim Nisaar Hussain converted to Christianity along with his wife and children. Nissar Hussain, converted to Christianity in 1996, along with his wife Kubra Hussain and brought up his five children as Christians. Despite living in the UK, the family has been constantly facing severe persecution from Muslim family members and Muslim neighbours.

A recent episode of persecution occurred on November 17, when two masked men severely beat Nisaar with a cricket bat. As a result of this, his hand and knee got fractured. Nisaar is still receiving medical treatment as he was severely injured. While on the other hand, British Christians along with people from other faiths staged a rally in favour of Nisaar Hussain.

Recently, in an interview, Nisaar Hussain talked about his plight. “They split my kneecap,” he told Breitbart London. “The doctor told me that’s the hardest bone in your body, it takes a lot of force to break it. But when they were beating me I kept my arms around my head and kept moving. One blow like that to my head and I would have been a goner,” he said while talking about the latest attack he had undergone.

Nissar Hussain was born in England to Pakistani Shiite Muslim immigrants. He grew up in a Shiite Muslim household. He says he encountered Christianity for the first time at the age of 15, when one of his fellow school pupil whom he describes as, “a skin head, a racist, a real bovver boy, hard as nails” changed his ways suddenly.

“He comes into school completely transformed, in his dress, in his conduct, in his manner. Tattoos covered, civilized dress, boots gone and the like, and I was blown away.”

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He continues to reveal that experience and said that he approached that boy who simply handed him a copy of the New Testament, and afterwards invited him to fellowship meetings. The pastor who conducted the fellowship meetings was a former Sikh. “Again, I was blown away; I literally saw that the gospel salvation message was for everybody.”

Nonetheless, in the beginning, he chose to hide his mushrooming faith from his family. He said that he read Bible only in his bedroom during the night, in secrecy, so that his family would not get a tip off. However, one night, he fell asleep while reading the Bible and his mother came into the room and found the Bible next to him.

“All I remember the following morning when I woke up was her screaming and tearing the place down, threatening to go to my father about my discovery of the New Testament. I knew she would have gone to my sisters who would have told her that it was the gospel, which is considered taboo, lies. All sorts of things are said about it. Just the word ‘Christianity’ tends to strike anxiety and upset within Muslims.”

“When I first converted I knew I knew I’d be shunned. I’d get a few name calls, maybe angry reactions through confrontation here and there, but I never thought it would come to this – years of physical, verbal, criminal abuse and then suddenly almost my life being snuffed out. All because of their taking offence to me being a convert,” he said.

However, after Nissar’s mother reaction, he distanced himself from Christianity but later returned to embrace this faith after marriage. He says, when his wife first found out “her natural reaction was to withdraw herself and the kids, and not let me near her. As a Christian you’re considered defiled, unclean.” When my wife herself turned to Christianity some months later, he says.