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We witness our Christian faith amid exremism a Pakistani Christian tells American


Christians persecuted

A Pakistani Christian speaks up about the persecution and discrimination, which Christians have to face in Pakistan.

“We witness our Christian faith and proclaim the word of God in the land where Islamic fundamentalists and extremists are in power.” His name has been withheld for the sake of his security. He was speaking during a meeting with American Christians in Washour ington, DC. During the church reception he said, “You are very much free and blessed people,” he said, while adding, “you do not need guards while you worship.”

He also told his audience that Christians who were standing guarding the churches had averted massive causalities, in two churches in Lahore, in March earlier this year. The guards had prevented the suicide bombers from entering the churches. He also said that he has no substantial trust on the Muslim guards. Christians often insist upon having private Christian guards for whom “their brothers and sisters are inside” church.

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He presented a case of Christian persecution when a Christian couple’s house was attacked by a mob of Muslims. The Christian couple is now under asylum in America.
Moreover, he said that sometimes, Christians are believed to be American allies; Pakistani Christians also time and again suffer from Muslim rioting in opposition to American foreign policy such as the case in 2003 when the Iraqi regime changed.

Moreover he said that fabricated accusations of blasphemy have become a norm; who as a consequence suffer under Pakistan’s disreputable law which punishes blasphemy with death. Even though no one imprisoned under blasphemy charges has been executed yet it remains a source of provocation for killings.

During this visit, he appealed for aid for persecuted Christians in Pakistan and urged the western countries to pressurise the Pakistani government to take steps to ensure the security of Christians. He was warmly welcomed and his appeal met with an overwhelming response of over $6,400. This amount will be used for his Pakistani church.