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#Weareن: Experts and religious leaders assemble to discuss the persecution of Christians


An international gathering organised in order to discuss the increasing persecution of religious communities throughout the world, has started in New York, on April 28. The event titled, #WeareN will be attended by religious leaders from all across the globe. Moreover, experts on religious persecution will be attending this event and sharing their views about the mounting religion-based persecution.

Religious persecution in the world

An official statement from the organizers of this event reads: “Christians account for 80% of persecuted minorities. They are victims of the deliberate infliction of conditions of life that are calculated to bring about their physical destruction in whole or in part.”

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The #WeAreN2016 Congress will be held from April 28-30 at the United Nations in New York. The congress will be focusing on “Defending religious freedom and other human rights: Stopping mass atrocities against Christians and other believers.” The organizers of this congress are CitizensGo and Mas Libres in collaboration with another organization In Defense of Christians.

Experts on religious persecution will be gathering from all across the globe to take part in this event. The attendees will be discussing and evaluating the rising trends in religion-based persecution of Christians and other religious communities all over the world. Countries including Nigeria, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, will be under special emphasis.

During this conference, the victims of the atrocities being carried out on religious grounds will also be explaining their ordeals. People from Middle East and other countries will be attending this event to share the stories of their ordeal.

Prominent speakers of this event include, Archbishop Bernardito Auza, who is a permanent observer of the Holy See to the UN, Ambassador Ufuk Gokcen – permanent observer of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation to the UN; Dr. Thomas F. Farr – Director of the Religious Freedom Project at Georgetown University; Mr. Lars Adaktusson- Swedish Member of the European Parliament; Carl Anderson- Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus; Nina Shea- Director of the Center for Religious Freedom and many others.