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Wearing excellence on his sleeves, Salman punches in as a slick music maker


Salman Albert

Salman Albert a music maestro was born on January 22, 1976 in Lahore. “My childhood was a bit different than a usual kid because,” he says. He became acquainted with music with at an early age. At 7, he was conscripted into the expanse of music.

“Our elders used to play various instruments and sing in our family get together every week and at the same time I was singing in the church choir,” he let on. “My family was always supportive regarding music but they made one thing clear that I had to complete my education on priority basis with the same level of devotion a normal student would.”

The deep-seated music bug inside did not take a softer line, while at the age of 10 his career as a musician made tick. By now he had been playing various instruments at school programs on a regular basis. By the age of 12, he got down cold guitar playing, and played his first gig as a Bass player.

“I was a high school student who was already earning money from music, so may be my family’s concern was that I might give more attention to music and earning money rather than my studies.” Still and all, Salman continued his studies and graduated from the F.C. College. Meanwhile, he ventured for several computer courses including ISO 9000 quality management. By and by he grabbed an E-Commerce degree as well. “All this time, I was doing music professionally and earning money from it.”

Salman Albert

Having no links in point of fact with the music industry, this impassioned virtuoso kept his nose to the grindstone. “Our family is a family of teachers and doctors, but all of them had the passion for music. Almost all of our elders including my dad used to play and sing in family get togethers.”

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“Music according to me,” he breathed, “is a way of expressing yourself. There are songs about peace, motivation, patriotism, anger, love and lots more. All are human feelings which are expressed this way.”

As a child he grew up descrying his elders play various instrument. His brother Farhan Albert who is a widely acclaimed musician and music producer himself quickened him up while guiding him as his music guru. It was at the hand of his motivation that Salman soaked up playing various instruments.

“I want to work as much as I can in my capacity, and be an inspiration for upcoming musicians,” he yearns. While recalling way in to the music scene, he said, “It was a long long journey.”

He gave further low-down, “In the start we could just play on private events because there was nothing else one could do. There was no media and no international exposure. From 1988 to 1995, I only played live with various bands both in private events and also the rock concerts of the Lahore Underground music scene.”

“In 1996 we started to record our band’s first album and i also started getting offers to work as a music arranger/producer for different people. So along with my live playing career I entered the world of recording studios,” he expounded.

However, it was later in 2001, when his career started scampering towards summit. “In the year 2000, when media started gaining strength and influence we stopped playing the private events and went on to be part of the mainstream. My band called Entity Paradigm (EP) got its first break in 2001 and that was the time when I became part of the fresh and glowing music industry of Pakistan.”

From that point onwards, he played with various distinguished Pakistani artistes along with outmanoeuvring as a recording artist. In due course of time, he set up Albert Studios in 2007 in collaboration with his brother Farhan Albert. Salman’s arduous long haul has earned him avowal within and without Pakistan. Over the years he has worked with various celebrated artistes, “I obviously cant write hundreds of names here, To mention a few, i have worked with artists like Atif Aslam, Jal, Mekaal Hasan Band, EP, Noori, Zeb and Haniya, Farhan Saeed, Quratulain Balouch, Omer Inayat, Ayesha Omer, Roxen/Mustafa Zahid, Rubber Band, Abbas Ali Khan, Javed Bashir and lots more.”

As for the upcoming musicians the old pro, shoot’s his wad, “I would love to say that do your best, be positive and you will achieve your goal. But there’s a lot more to this. Groom your personality first to be a part of an international industry.”

“Practice as hard as you can because there are a million others standing in the same line. Quality audio and video are expensive because we’re talking about an international business industry. There are no short cuts. You have to struggle for years before achieving anything so don’t lose hope,” he pressed on.