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West has caused much harm apart from betraying Christians of East says, a Syrian priest


Middle East Christians

West has betrayed the Christians of the East, complains a Syrian Patriarch.

In line with details, the head of the Syrian Catholic Church, Mar Ignace Youssif III Youan, has complained that the West has let the Syrians down while at the same time has been the reason of an incessant conflict in the country. “We Christians are not able to live in this chaos,” the Syrian Patriarch said. “The West has betrayed us.”

While speaking to the an Egyptian Christian magazine, “Le Messenger,” he said that the “chaos” that Western governments have caused simply by closing their eyes to the cries of the Syrians; now expressing a faith in mere air strikes against the terror group Islamic State; which has taken large swathes of Iraq and Syria into custody.

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Moreover, he continue to accuse the Western governments of intending to “perpetuate the endless conflict in Syria” and of having “betrayed the Christians of the East. We explained from the beginning that our situation was different from that of other nations in the region, they were not listened to. And now we mourn deaths over the past five years. ”

Mar Ignace Youssif III Youan said that the existing situation in Syria as “dramatic, and all the Syrian people are living in pain” as they are ensnared under the establishment of ISIS and various other terrorist groups “who use Islam as an excuse to ‘purify’ areas under their control in the name of religion, and Muslim scholars who tell us that Islam is alien to these facts. It’s a shame that the West has abandoned Christians to this situation,” he said.

He was of the opinion that, the terrorist groups have methodically infiltrated Iraq and Syria, and there are now hundreds of terrorists who have managed to sneak into Europe while posing as refugees. “ISIS have already infiltrated in European populations.

For years they have received money, weapons and religious indoctrination from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, with the supervision of the West. To claim that the solution is to carry out air strikes [in Syria and Iraq] is a lie”, he said.