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What About The White Part Of The Flag?


The flag of Pakistan has a green part and a white part. The white part represents the minorities living in Pakistan. These include Christians, Hazaras, Ahmedis, Hindus and Sikhs and many other smaller recognized religious minorities.

Every now and then we see different types and levels of persecution faced by the minorities that live in Pakistan. They are attacked, gunned down, lynched, and killed in every way possible. Anyone who claims that these communities have not been wronged or have not dragged to a point of desperation is absolutely naïve.

According to a newspaper report, 200,000 Hindu and Sikh refugees have fled Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to live in India where they have gained recognition. Thousands of Christians fled Pakistan to seek refuge in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. After the bombing in Quetta two years ago, the Australian government gave 7,000 Hazaras asylum.

Muslims themselves are being killed in this land of pure. Last month in the Safoora bus attack, militants gunned down Ismaili muslims in Karachi. Lashkar e Jhangvi continuously persecutes the Ismaili Hazaras. The bombing of Baba Farid’s shrine proved that even the religious clerics are unsafe. So to be in awe of bloodshed that is going on around the world, we do not need to look that far. We have our own Rohingya.

The Rohingya of Burma are indeed in plight. They can not travel without permission, are denied citizenship and work as bonded labor. But has anyone heard of $100 million which flows from the Gulf to madrassas in Pakistan every year (according to WikiLeaks). These grants come in to the humanitarian mullahs where as someone from a minority group might be sleeping hungry each night.

Charity begins at home. Let us work on changing the country from grass root level. These religious biases might be a situation very similar to the Rohingya in the making for Pakistani minorites.