What we do


Christians in Pakistan is a private non-profit organisation. Christians in Pakistan is a news wire along with charity and preaching platform. We promote young Christian talent along with sharing news and photos from different churches in Pakistan.

We offer charitable services to the sidelined Christians in the country including providing education, distributing Biblical literature, donating Bibles etc. As the largest platform for the Christians in Pakistan we highlight the issues and news of Christian community in Pakistan. We also report international Christian news and events.


Our prime aim is to share the Love of God around the world and reach the unreached. By means of the internet, we aim to evangelise to as many as we can reach. We aim to promote rising Christian talent in Pakistan. We also aim to be the platform that facilitates Christian artists, pastors and others to publicise their work.


We see the world as a field, and are playing our part as the labourers sent into the field. We want to report every possible happing in the Church. We also wish to report the news of Christians in Pakistan which the mainstream media neglects. We also wish to highlight the issues of Christian community in Pakistan that are of major concerns and by using our website and social media resources.