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Wheels of justice turn slowly: Murderer of Christian father trying to retrieve kidnapped daughter still unpunished


Perpetrators of murdering a Christian man who trying to retrieve his abducted daughter; still not punished. The victim of abduction and forced conversion 14-year-old Mehwish was kidnapped in March, 2016. She was thus forced into marriage with a Muslim, leading to forced conversion.

Mehwish murder case

In keeping with details, Mehwish never returned home after she went to work at house of a Muslim man Zahid Iqbal. Despite the fact, there is credible evidence against the culprits they are roaming freely. Christian family’s tragedy did not end here Mehwish’s father Tanveer Masih was gunned down allegedly by the abductors.

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It was three months later; Tanveer Masih lost his life while trying to retrieve his daughter. During a meeting with the abductors, he was gunned down when unknown men sprayed seven bullets into his body. Subsequently, a man was charged of murdering Tanveer Masih, who was struggling to rescue his abducted daughter from the custody of abductors. Mehwish Masih victim of abduction and forced conversion is still missing.

After the intervention and assistance from the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) a case of murder of Tanveer Masih and kidnap, rape and forced marriage of Mehwish Masih case were being fought. BPCA reported that five men were implicated in the crime; those implicated included 24-year-old Zahid Iqbal who had forcibly married Mehwish.

Zahid Iqbal was arrested for abduction, rape and forced marriage with Mehwish. Zahid Iqbal’s father Muhammed Iqbal was also arrested for assisting in the abduction and forced marriage of Mehwish. Muhammad Iqbal is mentioned as a witness on the documents of the fake marriage papers presented by the culprits.

Another main culprit Tahir Iqbal, younger brother of Zahid is hiding as he fled while the arrest warrants had been issued in his name. He is nominated in the case of murdering Tanveer Masih and assisting in abducting Mehwish.