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“Where Should We Go?” Syrian Refugees


Europe continues to struggle to deal with the Mediterranean migrants’ crisis. Hundreds flee from war torn areas such as Yemen and Syria and voyage across the Mediterranean Sea to find refuge in Europe.

Syria is again making headlines, as about 1800 Syrians who made this journey have been killed due to ship wrecks. According to the International Organization for Migration, that number is 30 times higher than last year over the same period of time.

Syrian refugees are currently the world’s largest displaced population. Approximately 12.2 million Syrians have been displaced, either by the civil war or ISIS.

Some 7.6 million are still within Syria’s borders, while nearly 4 million have fled to neighboring countries. As more of those host countries “close their doors” to Syrian refugees, despite migrants flee to Europe.
Why do most Syrians want to leave the country? Can they? Is it right to leave?” In many cases, those who left their homes saw them looted and burned. We have the example of what happened to an Armenian photographer’s home in Damascus. Of course lives are more important than property, but most Syrians are below middle class and are only left with the option of making the deadly journey across the Mediterranean