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While the silent majority blinks at a looming turmoil in Khairpur


The authorities continue to close their eyes to the May 27 rally of a blacklisted outfit; ASWJ which under strict binding is prohibited to hold public gatherings. The outfit has been brandishing about this rally, which if in case is held would be a direct violation of the National Action Plans’ 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th 14th and 18th point.

Violation of National Action Plan

The outfit proudly communicates the notion of killing Shias and while blatantly backing it with pridefulness. The outfit is known to galvanized public sermons and fatwas calling for sectarian rancor in the country. To great shame the outfit claims it has the support of local authorities and seems bent on holding the rally on the planned date.

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In the face of dead silence from the Sindh government and the ruling party civil society, journalists and others have taken it upon themselves to raise voice against the barefaced violation of the National Action Plan. Above all the dubious police official who had permitted the outfit to hold the rally has obnoxiously tried to justify the undertaking saying that this event is being held annually since 1995.

Seeing the gravity of mater, the civil society, journalist, lawyers and citizens from all walks of life are calling for the authorities to take action against those supporting the outfit for holding the event and ensure that the National Action Plan is being implemented.

The National Action Plan voices stern action against the literature, newspapers and magazines which promotes hatred, decapitation, extremism, sectarianism and intolerance. It has been clearly stated that the defunct outfits will not be allowed to function under any other banner.

The plan ensured an end to religious extremism and affirms protection of religious minorities. Furthermore, adoration of terrorists or terrorist organizations has been prohibited through media. The plan assures action against elements which fan sectarianism. With these points patently laid down, allowing the event deserves condemnation to be heaped upon the perpetrators.