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We Christians in Pakistan are White Part of the Flag


Pakistani Christians are the White part of the Pakistani Flag. The white represents the Minorities, White Represents the DOVE this is symbol of HOLY SPIRIT & PEACE  white represents PURITY white represents US

  • The “fanatic molves” Kept on telling that they should not eat and drink with Christians adding insult to the injury their leader President  Zia-UL-Haq and his Majlis-e-Shurah passed the blasphemy law and made the amendments  in the constitution of Pakistan under the section of 295-B and 295-C. This made their hands more powerful and these mighty fanatics stared to rage the Christians more and more.
  • They could now easily accuse the Christians for what they have not done. Then the world saw many cases of blasphemy and Christians were slaughtered. They made more furious and killed people. Many cases didn’t even appear in the court and people were killed.
  • If anywhere the Muslims are in trouble, the Pakistani Christians are in real agony. The churches are burnt and Christians are given all the problems.
  • But all Muslims are not the same there are a few People who are broad minded and are helpful to a certain extent.
  • The biggest curse in Pakistan is Low education status of Pakistani Christians. They are forced to menial works like working as the janitorial staff. They are paid less. Their rights are in schools and colleges are always confiscated.
  • Besides all the difficulties we face in this Muslim country the faith of Pakistani Christians are  strong and by the Grace of God and Jesus our Savior and redeemer we Survive.

Christians in Pakistan