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WHO To Educate Pakistani Health Workers How To Contain Ebola Virus’ Spread To Pakistan


LAHORE: WHO organises meeting to apprise Pakistani security staff at airports about passengers arriving from West Africa where Ebola virus has caused devastation.

WHO to apprise Pakistani health workers about Ebola
WHO to apprise Pakistani health workers about Ebola

According to details, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has arranged a meeting with Pakistani health workers and staff deployed at airports and shipping ports in order to brief them on how they can remain cautious in dealing with passengers arriving from West African countries where Ebola virus has wreak havoc leaving about 2,100 dead since February.

Vice Chancellor of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) Prof Javed Akram said, “Ebola develops into a full blown disease in just a week and attacks the nervous system. The disease is endemic in West Africa.”