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Why is this discrimination


Why is this discrimination

When it rains, it’s for all. When any disaster came like earthquake or flood, it’s for all. They never came and knock at the door of people to enquire about their names or religion. So when God almighty, the ultimate creator of this world is not discriminatory at all then who are we humans to do so? God has created all humans equal. He loves all His creation equally.

Discrimination occurs when individuals or groups of people are judged on the basis of certain characteristics or stereotypes rather than on the basis of their individual merits or abilities.

Every human being is created in the image of God so discrimination is not only an offence against the dignity of the humans but to God as well.

Now here is some crude reality faced by the Christian youth in Pakistan.

In Pakistan Christians faced lots of discrimination at every level, whether at school, college, university or even in jobs. Although Admissions to governmental educational institutions are safeguarded byPakistan’s constitution to prohibit discriminatory admission, with merit and provincial domicile being the only factors affecting admission to governmental educational institutes but no one follows this when it comes to local level.

Those children who study in Christian schools, colleges and universities are really blessed. But the others who study at government and other private institution faced lots of problems on the religious discrimination.

Government has declared 11th August, as “Minorities Day. “At that day our president Mr Asif Ali Zardari reaffirms commitment to promote interfaith harmony and our Prime Minister says that government stands committed to equal rights for minorities”. But when there is time of implementation no law no action is taken. No promotions are given to the Christian employees. And if they got any high rank than there are lots of conspiracies started against them.

At school level also this is a huge problem. As teachers are the real ideals of children but when the attitude of teachers is so harsh towards them then how could these innocents carry on with their studies? They loose heart at very beginning. Most of children leave their studies just because of this attitude.

At college or even at university the students are constantly reminded that they are minorities and they do not belong to this country. They are always forced to change their religion else they would not be treated well. Infact because of these activities the innocents got lots of depression so they became weak in studies as they cannot concentrate on their studies.

Another very sad and pathetic reality is that when job advertisements came in newspaper then the job with the lowest rank like sweeper, guards, maids or others they are always reserved for Christians. Why is this so?

Why don’t people understand that we are also same humans like them? We got same minds and intellectual levels like them. We want to be one nation living with mutual respect, honor, peace and harmony. We are responsible and patriotic and want to play our due role in nation building.

Oh Lord!! Bless us all. Give us the strength, power and ability so that we realize what is happening around us. And we pray that people should change the particular mind sets and stereotypical attitudes and develop a sense of acceptance. Amen.