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Why will you vote? Share with us and we will make sure your voice is heard.





This is a part of Rationalist Society of Pakistan, Pakistani Nationalism and Illuminate’s collective electoral awareness and vote casting motivational campaign (Aaj nahi daalo gay tu kal bhugto gay):

We would be delighted if you ladies and gentlemen answer our following queries:

1) Why would you vote?

2) Why do you think your vote would make a difference?

3) Is voting answer to Pakistan’s problems?

4) What would happen if you don’t vote?

The questions as many of you would have judged are of rudimentary nature, that is because, we intend to engage simpletons, the best answers would be used in our memes, which would be shared all over the cyberspace. We intend to kick start a discussion over why one should vote, all over cyberspace. Support us, give your valuable opinions, lets educate our people!