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Wife of a murdered Christian missionary says she wanted to forgive the murderer


Juan Garcia

A murderer who killed a Christian missionary for just 8$ put to death in Texas.

According to details, 35-year-old, Juan Garcia was convicted of murdering a Christian missionary Hugo Solana in 1998 during a failed robbery attempt in Houston.
Juan Garcia before being executed sought forgiveness from the family of Hugo Solana.

In his statement prior to his death, he said, “While I am still alive I bring suffering to you all. The harm that I did to your dad and husband, I hope this brings you closure to all of you. I never wanted to hurt any of you all. I never intended to kill him. I never intended it to happen the way it happened. I didn’t mean to kill. I had no reason to.”

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He said that he did not strip Hugo Solano of $8, which became the infuriating issue that made his crime a capital offence. However, the prosecutors maintained that he did steal the money.

At the time of Juan Garcia’s execution, Hugo Solana’s wife Anna and his daughter were also present and they witnessed Garcia’s execution carried out by giving him a fatal injection. However, when Garcia had been executed, Anna expressed deep sorrow over his death ad said that she wished that Garcia had not been executed.

Anna further added that she had already accepted Garcia’s plea for forgiveness and she wished that he would not be executed. Anna also expressed her opinion that those convicted of a crime should have at least one chance to learn from their blunders. Anna asserted that she had accepted Garcia’s apology because it came “from his heart”. “It’s about God. It’s about Jesus,” she said.