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Will Asia Bibi Get Justice on 27th May in another Hearing ?


Asia Bibi, a poor mother of five, in her forties, never knew what life was going to throw at her after getting into a heated argument under blasphemy in June 2009 which ended in a death sentence due to country’s Blasphemy law.

We hope that Asia Bibi will get justice on 27th May hearing in court
We hope that Asia Bibi will get justice on 27th May hearing in court

After four preceding appeal hearings were suspended due to the increasing pressure from terrorist and fundamentalist groups, last month the Pakistan courts announced another appeal date for May 27, 2014.

There has been a series of campaigns by human rights groups and advocacy organizations worldwide for the release of Ms. Bibi which held protests demonstrations from London to Brussels, from Geneva to New York appealing to end the misuse of Pakistan blasphemy laws which are often being manipulated to target the members of minorities to settle personal scores and quarrels.

In spite of the international calls for a pardon for Asia Bibi, the Pakistan Government has not reacted, moved a muscle or made any suggestion to end the misery faced by this unfortunate mother. For Asia Bibi hence the chronology of torture goes on in many shapes and forms to this day.

A local fundamental cleric has put a price of 500,000 Pakistani Rupees, (£3,700 UK Pounds, $5,800 US Dollars) on Asia Bibi’s head for anyone one who will kill her. Due to security concerns, the poor mother was transferred from Lahore jail to Multan Women’s Jail. After all these challenges, on May 27, Asia Bibi will hopefully face the panel of judges led by judge Anwar-Ul-Haq for the first time to petition against her death penalty.

We hope and pray togather that  Asia Bibi finally gets impartial justice so that she can finally return to her family soon, and her Christian friends.