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Will Running For Local Elections Help Christians of Pakistan?


Christian election dir
Mahatama Gandhi said, “Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.” According of Express tribune reports, the filing of nomination papers by the Christian Community in Dir has stirred a lot of discussion. It is a gotten its share of social media presence as well.

The major reason of the Christians of Dir being pushed to make their voice heard through the electoral system is however highly unfortunate. A series of brutalities which mark the existence of the Christian minority of Pakistan is what made people use the power of the ballot.

Expressing consent through voting is a civilized way of voicing the nation’s opinion. This is what differentiates the civilized from the uncivilized. Although the outcome is not known by any party or individual, the opinion of the nation will become clear once voting is finished and result are declared.

The Christian community from has given its stance and girls like Hina and Sana Patras who have stood up as candidates have emerged as youth who will lead the minority in at least getting the basic rights where needed.
The situation being faced by Christian in Pakistan mainly in the after math of the Youhanabad seems to be critical. Revenge killings, police remand of locals of Youhanabad and what not. This is why the minority has taken its stand.

Members of the Christian community filling nominations papers is a clear message to the state that it has not been able to protect the minorities in Pakistan, and becoming part of the electoral process themselves is where the solution lies.