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With an eye to mow down terrorism Christians call for implementation of National Action Plan


Christians call for implementation on the much talked about National Action Plan. “The Pakistani government must allocate the necessary funds and implement the National Action Plan on human rights in Pakistan, announced in February 2016,” Peter Jacob a Pakistani Christians said.

Praying for peace in Pakistan

Lahore based, Peter Jacob who is Director of the “Center for Social Justice”, has emphasized on an imperative need for the carrying out of the National Action Plan. In the face of growing terrorism, extremism and intolerance the implementation on NAP has become inevitable. “The plan includes a series of urgent actions that should be implemented by 2016, distributing tasks and responsibilities among the different ministries and departments,” he noted.

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He went on to explain that in under this National Action Plan, the government decided to allocate 250 million Rupees in order to bring into being an “Institute for Human Rights.” This institute will be administering free of cost legal assistance to those Pakistani who have fallen a pray human rights abuses. “The content of the plan is good, but there are still some issues that need to be answered. For example, one could link this institute to a university,” he added.

However, after all the avowed intent the government is yet to implement the plan practically. However, there is an imperative need to inculcate the value of human rights at schools’ level, Peter Jacob said. But was quick to question, “How to promote the teaching of human rights in school, without removing prejudice and hatred towards religious minorities contained in textbooks?.”

Despite all the fuss, Peter Jacob has high hope as he urges for the civil society to be involved in the implementation course which “would be a step forward for social harmony, the protection of legality and protection of human dignity in Pakistan,” he said.

Shortly after the Peshawar School massacre, the government and all political parties unanimously agreed upon the National Action Plan. The plan relates to vast areas of intervention including political and legal reforms; access to justice; the execution of international treaties; the formation and strengthening of state bodies which are to deal with human rights; the commencement of a monitoring mechanism for the National Action Plan itself.